19-year-old female blogger buys her parents 2 cars on the same day (photos)

A teen blogger is trending on Facebook after she bought 2 cars for parents. 19-year-old Priscilla Emasoga is a blogger and also trades Cryptocurrencies. Her job as an affiliate marketer has seen her travel out of Nigeria a number of times.

To appreciate her parents, the teenager got them a car each, one a Lexus and the other a Toyota.

She shared the photo on Facebook and has been congratulated by her brothers and friends.

She wrote:

19 years ago they brought me into this world. They worked day and night to put food on the table and made sure I never lacked the necessary things in life. 

Today am returning that Favour. Two new rides for my favorite people in this world. Thank you for taking care of me Mom and Dad ?? 

Thank God for Grace ?


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