Faculty of Arts Students protest over Shuttle Service

The faculty of arts students in the early hours of today Monday the 29th of July,  2019 stormed the school shuttle park to protest over the ill treatment of the shuttle drivers over  its students and the nonchalant attitude of the drivers not taking its students to faculty of arts which is suppose to be the last bus stop.


The protest which was led by the president of the faculty of arts students association of Nigeria (AAU Chapter) Comr. Obomghie Theophilus with his executives and the  presidents from the six departments under the faculty saw a huge numbers of students from the faculty and other supporters from other faculties coming out enmass to  join the movement and say no to the injustice of the shuttle drivers against students from the faculty of arts.


Speaking with the President of the Faculty Comr. Obomighie Theophilus,  he said this was not the first time that directives had been given to this shuttle drivers, but they always pay deaf ears to the directives,  faculty of arts is on campus as well with other faculties,  so he sees no reason why shuttle will stop students at faculty of law,  while the faculty of arts students will pay same amount and still have to trek down to the faculty of arts.


On the same note,  President of English Department Pastor Sam,  was not left out,  as he said, over time, he has pleaded with the shuttle drivers to take his students to faculty of arts which is now where their department is located, but they have refused, paid deaf ears to him,  as they insisted Faculty of law is their last bus stop, even after the directive they received on Friday 26th of July to take Fasanites to the faculty they still refuse to cooperate, this according to him is the highest form of contumeciousness.


Responding to the allegations by the chairman of the shuttle drivers,  he said they have received the directives from the director of works and that starting from today Monday the 29th of July,  2019, they will start taking students to faculty of arts,  even if it is one student inside the bus.


On this note, I wish to urge all fasanites,  henceforth they should never be intimidated, once you are going to faculty of arts,  enter any shuttle of your choice and make sure the driver stop you at faculty of arts, if the driver choose to be adamant, just snap the driver or the shuttle bus number and send it to any of the executive of FASAN.






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