One Year After, No Result for 2019 Graduands of Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma

One Year After Graduation: No Result for 2019 Graduands of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.


Brutally but frankly speaking, the educational system in Nigeria has over the years declined drastically due to a number of factors such as poor funding, failed policy, lack of responsibility to bring forth scholars that can uphold the labours of our heroes past, among others.

It is so pathetic that after one year of completing a degree programme in the Edo state owned Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, the management in its lack of responsibility, has failed to release the results of the graduated students of 2018/2019 academic session, talk-less of mobilising them for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). The University which we know to be a state owned University, is gradually falling short of its earliest glory, and has long remained in a state of despair due to lack of funding from the state government.
Unfortunately, the school, popularly known as AAU, has now been saddled with lots of responsibilities which seem to be of much load or burden on its shoulders. Therefore, there has been a change in policy making and management system which evoked a galaxy of challenges on its lecturers and students as it continue to depend on Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). Directly or indirectly, the adoption of the Internally Generated Revenue to run the school has ruined the dreams and vision of many AAU students and its aspirants, following the increased in its school fee in 2015 with over 100% additions. However, the university has failed in its responsibility to deliver best and quality education for its students, even after collecting such exuberant fee from its students. As at today, almost everything in the school is done with money, students have to pay for virtually everything, including a compulsory payment for Tie, Ambrose Alli Foundation Due, Plagiarism Test (which never took place) among others, especially for final year students.

It is also imperative to know that of recent, it was reported that the school is owing over 1.2 billion naira salaries of lecturers, thereby leaving some of us with the question of how did AAU management use the revenues that were collected?. It is regrettable to say that a school like Ambrose Alli University, can never actualise its vision of becoming one of the best state Universities in Nigeria, due to poor management, lack of accountability and zero academic competition, if the methods of assessment are judiciously taken.

It’s no longer news that the National Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) had on March, 2020 gone on an indefinite strike over the issue of IPPIS, funding for public Universities, outstanding earned academic allowances and renegotiation of the 2009 FGN/ASUU agreement. However in the midst of this popular strike, other public Universities have been able to release the results of their graduated students, and have also mobilised them for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Meanwhile, our own darling Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, which is supposed to be a state owned University, is yet to neither release the results of its graduated students in 2019, nor mobilise them for service. This situation is very frustrating and uncalled-for, because it is an attempt to delay the destinies of students who are said to have graduated.

Objectively speaking, public schools are fond of delaying graduates because of their frequent strikes which have become an annual ritual, and yet, there is no extension of age limit when applying for jobs and for NYSC. It is obvious from all indications that the Nigeria government and the ASUU body, are unregretfully delaying students with a year or two during their 4 to 5 years programmes at school without considering the labour market.
It is very safe to say that Nigerian students are the grasses on top which the FGN and ASUU fights. With this, the students are usually the ones to suffer. In other words, a lot of people have missed so many opportunities because of the nonchalant and lackadaisical attitude of the Nigeria government to look into situations that affects the country. It will be very bad to graduate and find out that one is above the age of graduate trainee in a company. There are jobs that one cannot apply for, if one is more than 25 years. There are people who are being discriminated because of their age while applying for jobs. It hurts when such happens, especially to know that most of these people are being delayed due to ASUU strike and others.

It is regrettable that this same act of negligence and irresponsibility being demonstrated by management of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, has led thousands of students into what they never planned or wanted to do, while some are being interrogated at home on daily basis, as their parents’ makes references to other schools that are equally members of ASUU. Within this period, a few of those students have also engaged themselves in selling goods and services online just to survive.

However, the bottom line is that education is supposed to be a means of promotion and not demotion of any type, whether directly or indirectly. It is obvious that the essence of education in Nigeria today has been defeated, because one cannot even differentiate between those who has this education and those who do not. We are in a country where education is less appreciated because the principals in charge has made it so. Otherwise, what is the essence of going to school, if at the end of your programme there is no result presented to you? And even after you have waited for one year, that result has still not come. In other words, you won’t see your result when you ought to have seen it. And when your mates from other Universities are going for service or moving forward with their academic pursuit, you will be at home as if you didn’t go to school.

To this end, we are using this medium to call on the state government, Godwin Obaseki, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ignatius Onimawo, the University Senate and other relevant stakeholders in the education sector of the state, to look into the issue and find a lasting solution to the delay of releasing results of graduated students as at when due.


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