Response to the Petition against me; Aliu Abdulrauf


Below is a soft copy of my response to the petition by NANS

Response to the Petition against me; Aliu Abdulrauf

The petition which bothered on me holding or occupying the position of the NANS JCC JCC P.R.O drew it’s premise from the SUG Constitution as in Article 10, Section 39D, upon which they either made their submission ignorantly or ignored the obvious facts which I will outlign below. Upon their submission, it became beautiful when they submitted that things should be done in line with the SUG constitution of Ambrose Alli University which further reaffirmed the Supremacy of the SUG Constitution as in Article 1 Section 1.

The basis of the said Petition in the first article and section I sighted provided thus ” No candidates holding an Executive post in any association, club, society or religious bodies affiliated to the Union, shall contest election under this Constitution unless such a candidate shall have resigned such post prior to nomination.”

The above section bothers on affiliation and this brings us to the question “Whether or not NANS JCC is affiliated to the union.”

The law or words of the constitution clearly explained what it meant by the word “affiliation” and further dedicated an Article/Section to it as can be seen in Article 16, Section 54 of the Constitution, where it provides ” *All clubs, Societies, Unions, Associations, etc, of Students in the University, shall be affiliated to the union by registration and approved by the Dean of Students.*This clearly means that to say an Association is affiliated to the Union, it has to be registered with the Union. In the case of NANS JCC and AAU SUG, it should be noted that the former cannot be affiliated to the later, just as a state Government cannot be affiliated to a Local government.
For a more detailed information on affiliation please refer to the students information handbook approved by the University, under Content “Student Organizations” where it clearly explained what affiliated organizations are.

For the purpose of precedents, it should be noted that Moses Oisakede of Blessed Memory was at the same time the NANS President and equally the SUG president in AAU.
Also, Richy Okogbe was NIMELSA National President when he contested Secretary General at the SUG level in 2016/17 which he ofcourse won.
Arhewo Pascal was also the National Association of Edo state Students (NAES) President when he contested SUG presidency in 2017/18. At all the aforementioned scenarios, petitions of the nature were brought before the Then electoral commission and the Constitution Prevailed.

On this basis, I stand to submit that the petition against me is a rather unfortunate one, written either out of ignorance or otherwise more.

Take further more than the NANS charter of Demand referred to in their constitution does not even have or make provisions for JCC till date.




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