School Teacher Suspended In Niger State Over Facebook Post Against Buhari

Report has it that a Primary School teacher in Agaie, Niger state, Mr Baba Mohammed Wanigi, has been suspended
indefinitely over a facebook post he made against President Buhari’s administration and that of Niger State Government.
The letter was issued from office of the Education Secretary Agaie Local Education Authority and dated May 25th, 2018.
The letter reads, “Reference to the education secretaries’ meeting with all the 169 head teachers of Agaie Local
government education authority, and all the staff of the central admin, warning them against active participation in
politics and also hate speech, especially in the social media. and your subsequent posts in your Facebook timeline recently
against the personality of the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria and the present government at all levels. i.e Local,
State and Federal government. in line with above, the management of Agaie local government education authority
has resolved in their emergency management meeting held on 25 May, 2018, that you are suspended from the service of Agaie LGEA INDEFINITELY”
The teacher has expressed suprise over the development and stated that he will seek redress in a court of Law.


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