Tinubu’s ‘foolishness’ led to Buhari’s emergence as President – Ayo Adebanjo

Elder statesman and one of the leading voices in the South West, Ayo Adebanjo, has claimed that the “foolishness” of a National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, led to the emergence of a Northerner as President of Nigeria.

Adebanjo who made the assertion while speaking with The Sun, alleged that Tinubu’s alliance with the North was a mistake because people of the Northern region are against others ruling them.

The elder statesman opined that the former Lagos State Governor’s political calculation was aimed at becoming the President.

According to Adebanjo, “The purpose of the South going into an alliance with the North is different from why the North enters into any alliance with the South. It is like the foolishness of Tinubu when I warned him from going into alliance with them. He thought he was going to make use of Buhari and Buhari knew that he was going to make use of him.

“He has the mistaken belief which I still believe that he is still having now that if I go along with them, Buhari would allow him become the president. He is just deceiving himself. It can never be until we arrive at how we are going to have it.

“They have not been reading, when we told them that Sauduana said he was going to rule the country until he drops the Quran in the sea, they thought we were joking. When we told them about Buhari, they thought we were joking.

“Go and see when the North has been clamouring to rule the country. They do not want to share. If they say they want to go into alliance, they are just finding a way to put you in their pockets. Go and ask Tinubu what Buhari is doing now with this administration.

“Would he be honest to say that he is following what they agreed on? APC has legacy parties; what did they agree upon. Did they agree upon the fact that majority of the security posts must be Fulani as it is now. You media men should be asking questions.”

Similarly, Adebanjo, while predicting the disintegration of Nigeria said the country cannot survive any longer due to oppression of citizens.


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